# Architecture Overview

Welcome to the Wikidata & Wikibase architecture documentation.
The canonical place to read these docs is on Github Pages (opens new window).

Here you will find a high level overview of Wikibase, its surrounding systems, and some details relating to specific cases and deployments such as Wikidata.

Systems are documented using arc42 structured (opens new window) templates.
You can read more about this method at docs.arc42.org (opens new window).

# Wikibase Systems

Wikibase has expanded far beyond the initial MediaWiki extension that was created called Wikibase.

Multiple other MediaWiki extensions, and other surrounding systems now make up part of the Wikibase system landscape.

To simplify things the whole system is represented as Repository, Query Service and Client.

Overall Context

# Other components

You may be familiar with other components, and should be able to easily navigate to their location using the table below.

Component Parent System
Termbox & Termbox SSR Repository
EntitySchema Repository
Property Suggester Repository
QualityConstraints Repository
WikibaseLexeme Repository
WikibaseMediaInfo Repository
DataBridge Client
Article Placeholder Client
Query UI Query Service
Query Builder Query Service
Quickstatements External tools

# Contributing

If you would like to contribute to these docs then please read the dedicated contributing guide.